I’m Ann-Sofie Wensbo, I was born in Malmö (Sweden), and am today a Stockholm and Järna based musician, songwriter, producer and music teacher. My main instruments are vocals and guitar, which is my signature both in my singer/songwriter work and when I sing other people’s favorite cover songs at life ceremonies such as weddings and funerals.

I am also a Playback Theatre musician since 2006 in the Swedish Playback Theatre company Teater X. There I have the role as a musician and soundscape creator with lots of instruments at hand, improvising together with the actors as we play back the stories of the audience in completely unique shows.

I also freelance as a music teacher, teaching vocals, guitar and songwriting, individually or in workshop format, I teach rhythmics and movement to people of all ages, and I give workshops in creativity, presentation and personal development through drama and improvisation.

I’ve had music around me all my life, and my music interest has always been encouraged by my parents. I picked up the guitar as a 10-year-old and at 13 I started playing electric guitar and singing backing vocals in pop & rock bands. Apart from the regular rock band style, I’ve been doing everything from big band jazz, through soul/funk to à capella pop, which can be heard in my current personal style of playing, singing and composing.

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