I wrote my very first song when I was 11. At 16 I started writing more ‘for real’, and also started performing my own songs to people. The music and lyrics often just came to me and I wrote about things that would make sense to me much later. Not all my songs are surrounded by that kind of mystique but there have been a few songs like that through the years.

Writing songs have been a natural urge for me, both as a sense making tool, processing my own as well as other people’s emotions (writing from their perspectives) and condensing these into song lyrics, but it has also been a creative outlet of music that has flowed through me, often in harmonies, as I have a harmonic ear and usually hear my melodic ideas in a context of chords. (This also means I can sometimes have trouble ‘understanding’ and remembering a melody without a harmonic context, which someone with a melodic ear wouldn’t have any problem with… But on the other hand, once I have it, the harmonies are there too! For those who care, hehe… )

On my Facebook Page you can find out more about what I’ve been up to musically and what’s going on at the moment.

On my Facebook Band Page you can listen to both some of my own personal songs and some covers performed by my à capella quintet PHEAL back in 1997-98.


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