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Teater X at SoL European Forum 2012 (Society For Organizational Learning)

Since 2006, I have been working as a Playback Theatre musician in the Swedish Playback Theatre company Teater X. There I have the role as a musician and soundscape creator with lots of instruments at hand, improvising together with the actors as we play back the stories of the audience in completely unique shows.
Teater X was founded in 1999 and has served the Scandinavian community since then, giving healing public performances and workshops for the development of organisations and people. The mission of Playback Theatre, founded by Jonathan Fox, is “Building Communities of Understanding”.

Playback Theatre is an improvised form of theatre in which  the ensemble (actors and musician) play back the stories, thoughts and feelings of the audience, mirroring and honouring the stories with a magical blend of poetry, music and movement. A conductor facilitates the dialogue between the audience and the actors, enabling the polarity of both the comedy and drama of life to appear on stage. A Playback performance is a “here and now” experience and is always unique, since it’s improvised and not based on a script.

Teater X consists of 12 members who are trained actors/musicians as well as pedagogues, psychologists and organisational consultants. I am currently the group’s only musician, the other 11 members are actors, of which 6 are also trained conductors. We are usually 3-5 actors on stage during a performance, plus 1 conductor and 1 musician. We both have monthly shows for the public, and give shows or workshops in companies and organisations around Scandinavia.

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Said about Teater X:

  • “Impressive, inspiring, insightful.”
  • “Lovely! Have to see more of this!”
  • “Both tears and laughter, you really touch! Thank you!”
  • “Love the humour in your poetry! Thank you!”
  • “You blew me off my chair, this was among the best I’ve ever seen!”
  • “Wonderfully exciting, as always! Warm thanks!”
  • “I just want yesterday to be scheduled every week. Or at least once a month. You are really marvelous! You made many of us both cry and laugh, you made us feel one with ‘the big family’. THANK YOU!”



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